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Welome to Salezbay.com

Salezbay.com initially design as a drop shipping purposes, but in the constant business updates we have decided to change our business module to convert as affiliate web site. 

Mainly the products we sell, is Amazon affiliate products and also the beauty and cosmetics products we have the sales rights as a part of the business module. 

The Cosmetics products we provide market down discounts specially with only salezbay and you can request any product in the range as well, that with out listed on the prodcts sections. 

And the blog segment is with the latest fashion and cosmetics, and beauty and weight reduction for healthy life. 

About The Group

Brief on the Group

We are a online business related group, and having lots of business and online sales figures. And news blogs, education blogs, and many more. 

In fact we do web designing, web development as a part of our business module. You can contact us and get more details and we have bound with some trusted companies in the world and you can have our services from there as well. 

Web Designing

Blog Design and AdSense Supports

Social Media Marketing

Social Ads and Social media marketing.

E commerce Sites

E Commerce and Affiliate Web site Designing

Products Marketing

Products Marketing

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